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Our Story

We are a passionate group of Midlanders who are working hard to prevent the beautiful green space of Nueva Vista Golf Course from being developed into housing.

At FORE Midland, we not only want to save the land of Nueva Vista but improve it. Our long term goal is to raise enough money to purchase it and improve the land with walking paths, fishing piers, and flower gardens. This will make the beauty of Nueva Vista accessible to everyone not only golfers.

Please check out the rest of our site and sign our petition to show Midland City Council that the vast majority of our proud city want to keep Nueva Vista as a family-friendly green space and recreation area.

Share the Vision

Help us spread the word about the “Save Nueva Vista” Petition on social media. #SaveNuevaVista


Benefit #1

Help Midland maintain and expand green space not housing developments.

Benefit #2

Preserve the natural landscape and wildlife in the area.

Benefit #3

Retain a public recreational facility on the west side of Midland.

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